News Updates – Wheelchair Repair News

Here at Electric Wheelchair Repairs, we provide power wheelchair repairs across the country, seeing first-hand how important these devices are for those with mobility problems. We understand that owning a power wheelchair or mobility scooter is vital for day-to-day life, so want to help provide up to date news on all things that may affect wheelchair users.

From insurance and Medicaid updates to organizations offering programs for wheelchair users, we’re going to be keeping up with all the latest news coming out of the industry. If something is going to impact wheelchair users in any shape or form, we’ll have it covered.

Helpful Resources

Given the importance of wheelchair repairs and how helpful they are for mobility patients, we’ve come to realise there are many ways we offer help. One great way is to share some helpful resources that may be helpful for wheelchair users.

Whether a long-term user or someone adjusting for the first time, there is a wealth of resources that are extremely beneficial for those using a wheelchair, electric or otherwise. So, we’ve developed a library of resources tailored to needs of wheelchair users.

These helpful resources are not only very information, but interesting and insightful enough to be well-worth a read. We fully recommend reading any of the links below, as we here at Electric Wheelchair Repairs find them incredibly useful ourselves!

Our resources are intended to inform beyond power wheelchair repairs, covering a wide scope of topics that wheelchair users and their loved ones will find helpful. Be sure to check these out for useful information about:

  • Wheelchair Support
  • Wheelchair Travel
  • Disability Assistance
  • Medicaid Wheelchair Repairs
  • Wheelchairs and Insurance